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May Allah Bless Us

Assalamualaikum wbt and hai all of you.

A situation at somewhere

ada dua baju peplum, satu warna merah and satu warna orange with laces.
A: which one should i buy eh?
B: don't know.which one did u like?

A: i love the red one but the orange one quite beautiful, all the laces.berseri la jugak kan~
B: then buy la.

A: but i love is my favorite color u know.
B: then buy red la.

A: but if i buy red, then what about the orange.sayangnya, cantikla orange ni.tapi merah ni color dia striking lagi.
B: buy both la.

A: my money only affordable for one cloth i need to or orange..hurmm.rasa macam nak beli dua2 lah~~~~
B: let me get a conclusion for you.

A: what?which one?
B: Don't buy both of're making me sick.


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