01 February 2013

Hidup Sebagai

May Allah Bless Us

assalamualaikum wbt and haip..

incident berlaku dalam lab histologi..

there were 4 of us inside the lab..all ladies ok...
doing our fyp la kan..
my coursemate dgn lagi 2 orang student course lain..
but we know each other..

suddenly one of them asked me..

"wani ade citer best2 tak"

me: citer??..*senyum kerang busuk jap
      tak ade la.tak tengok and layan sangat citer.

"la betui aa.tak layan citer?.running man?"

me:running man pun tak berape sangat.tak layan sangat citer.duk dengar lagu je.hidup sebagai wani ni memang membosankan.

"erm betui."

ahakkkkkkkk tergelak besar kau dalam lab tuhhhhhh~~~~LOL..

i admit, me in friends or in relationship, i am damn bored person u know..hahaha.
i thought i only knew it for myself but others also notice it..hahahaha


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