My Mom: Sanah Helwah

May Allah Bless Us

assalamualaikum wbt and haip..

its 20 mac 2013 and its my mom's birthday..yeaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

yeaaaa for me la but for her of course she feel 1 year more getting older..
don't worry mama, i never seen u that old la..u still young..aicehhhhh..

so for my mama, i pray that:

semoga Allah memberi hidayah dan memurahkan rezeki.ur love to us is infinity.
thanks for all the patient u put while we were still baby until ur children getting married la aaaa except for me..muahahahaha..and i hope u don't ask me when i'm going to marry..duhhhhhh
just some reminder and advice:
dengan berkat kesabaran dan ketabahan, alhamdulillah we still live in His beautiful world, subhanallah..

mama, we love you so much..
u are never alone..u have us with..u have Allah with u..

mengambil berat pasal kami, menyayangi kami, tidak pernah mengira penat lelah..
lembutnya hati seorang ibu..haih..

mama.i pray that one day, u will go to Mekah..
and i will send u there..insyaallah..
thanks mom..and happy birthday..



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