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Don't be afraid of science..

May Allah Bless Us

Assalamualaikum wbt and lalalalalal errrr hai..

Science student..amatlah sinonim dengan perkataan:
anti-social (ehhh..)
bla bla bla and so on..

don't be too afraid if u are in this field beb..hahhaha..especially student biology, biodiversity, dyorang akan macam:

"ape yang korang buat sebenarnye eh?"
"kaji benda lah.entah pape"
"pelik2 la korang study"

mula2, rasa cam annoyed la jugakkan dengan ayat2 seperti itu but lama kelamaan, i know that even tiny little things that we didn't even see with our naked eyes pun ada kepentingan..
yup, sesungguhnya Allah tidak menciptakan satu benda itu sia2..
even lalat pun ade kepentingan weh~~~..
sampah sarap yang mengeluarkan lendir or to be more scientific, enzyme nye boleh buat pencuci2 tandas bagai.., islam, al-quran much more related to each other..once u observe something or u get results from ur experiment, perasaan ketika itu, wah A…

Approachable and Accommodating Members of Parliament

May Allah Bless Us

Assalamualaikum wbt and morning ladies and gentlemen.

so, i read The Star today.actually its a yesterday paper but i forgot to read it.hahaha.
i am interested at one of the article entitiled "Are Mps really friendly?"..Mps (Members of Parliament)
*ok, i'm start speaking with grammatically error so please correct me coz i'm still in learning process with this grammar things..purfff

actually they do some kind of questionnaire to the Mps to observe how much of them know about what's going on..maybe they ask about something related to entertainment, environment or etc..

for example the chicken and sugar they actually know that the chicken price is now around rm9 per kg..uuuuuu..when i read the article, now i realize that eventhough they are the members of parliament, not much things they said by Elizabeth Chan (if i'm not mistaken) on the article "MPs should be up to date on people's issues" that "…