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A Good Slide Presentation

May Allah Bless Us

Assalamualaikum wbt & selamat ~

what is a good slide presentation?
how do i organised my slide presentation?
and ok tak presentation aku tadi? -erk debushhhhhhh-

so i put here some tips on how to have a good slide presentation.ok i'm talking about the slide..

1. less word, more pictures

if u put too much word, all u do is just read whats on the screen..and your eyes will not focusing at the audience..if you want to grasp your audience, you have to look at them..stare them..yeah..yeah yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
=.="..ok..don't stare too much..its dangeroussss..~~~~
less word on the slide and tell a story about the pictures..

2. label the pictures/graph

so that it will be easier for the audience to understand what are you mumbling about..instead of you just using the cursor..

3. describe the pictures/graph/tables

do not read the not read the not read the how to read pictures, i told before, less word, m…

After Degree > Master @ Work @ Mom Dad I need money?

May Allah Bless Us

Assalamualaikum wbt & & & & & & hai.

the problem that all graduated students always ting tong is apa nak buat lepas degree? happen to me also..

so the dilemma is between work & should i continue my study..right? it?..right? it?..right?.. *debushhhhhhhhhh

ok first lets talk about study. ok lets speak malay..duhhhhhhhhh
bila bercakap tentang continue study, is it research @ coursework @ mix mana satu nak pilih..

A. research @ coursework @ mix both

> if i choose research, i should prepare for everything..mentally and physically, chemically and biologically..=.="
if i choose research, if my project tak habis dalam masa yang ditetapkan max 2 years, then i have to extend and that will cause a lot of ka ching ka ching (money money)..
if i choose research, if my supervisor tak ada grant, mana aku nak cekup duit..kene jual pisang goreng la gini..hoh~
if i choose research, maybe i have a lot of opportunities …