A Good Slide Presentation

May Allah Bless Us

Assalamualaikum wbt & selamat ~

what is a good slide presentation?
how do i organised my slide presentation?
and ok tak presentation aku tadi? -erk debushhhhhhh-

so i put here some tips on how to have a good slide presentation.ok i'm talking about the slide..

1. less word, more pictures

if u put too much word, all u do is just read whats on the screen..and your eyes will not focusing at the audience..if you want to grasp your audience, you have to look at them..stare them..yeah..yeah yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
=.="..ok..don't stare too much..its dangeroussss..~~~~
less word on the slide and tell a story about the pictures..

2. label the pictures/graph

so that it will be easier for the audience to understand what are you mumbling about..instead of you just using the cursor..

for example

3. describe the pictures/graph/tables

do not read the graphs..do not read the tables..do not read the pictures..eh how to read pictures, purfffff..whatever..as i told before, less word, more pictures..tell a story about your pictures/table/graph..

4. key word

do not put full sentences..save it for your speech..just put a key word..
would you agree if i said that you just read the screen if you put the full sentences??

5. 1 slide at least 1-2 minutes..is it ok?..but don't take it tooooooooooooo looooooooooooong~

sometimes people will get bored if you explain one slide for 20 minutes..and they will lose their focus..and they also start mumbling bla bla bla at the back..trust me..i do that..and you too..ahak!
but after you finish on one slide, freeze the slide for at least 20 seconds for the audience to look again at your slide..and take breath for the next one...

6. link

to make your slide easier and if there are too much info and stories you want to tell, just put a link or link it to the other slide..you have to be creative on this one..
erm highlight the word, and right click, tadaaaa ada edit hyperlink kan..haaa edit la kat situ..ke mane kau nak link kan slide kau..

7. hide slide

if lets say you just have 10 minutes presentation and maybe you have so much data to explain, hide certain of it and leave it for Q&A..if there is a question from the floor, then baru you show the slide la..faham tak..agagagagagag..ok like this,

i hope you see the red box there
if you want to hide this slide just go to slide show and click hide slide..simple~..or you can just right click on the slide you want to hide, and select hide slide..
urgghhh i have to use my presentation slides just for this.malu la sayaaaaaaa..*tamparlajulaju

so itulah..sikit-sikit about the tips..organised your presentation well..

i do not have a good slide presentation..if you ask me, duhhhh..no no..
its just some tips that came out of my mind..hahaha..and also from my experienced..
i'm still in learning process...when i give these tips, tak bermakna saya punya presentation baik, bagus, hebat sangat pun...duhhhhhhh..tapi hopefully it will become much better la..dalam pada bagi tips ni pun, sebenarnya tips ni untuk diri sendiri jugak..eheh..

so hopefully ia nya membantu..esp for PITA students..



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